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PDLM-000H Variant Print Set


One-of-a-kind set of all four PDLM series prints in variant colorway. Set includes PDLM-001H, PDLM-002H, PDLM-003H, and PDLM-004H.

PDLM-001 - 18" x 24"
PDLM-002 - 12" x 18"
PDLM-003 - 12" x 12"
PDLM-004 - 6" x 12"

3-color screenprints with pearlescent lilac on French's Orange Fizz (colorway H). Printed by Burlesque of North America.

Signed and numbered edition of one.

One set per person/household. All sales are final.

* Print sets will be shipped separately from other items. Extra shipping costs may apply.